Vidmate v2.0.7

Vidmate is an application which allows you to download the videos and audios easily in your device. You can stream any video or audio on it from any website and would be able to download them. It supports all sites and lets you download the hosted videos. You can get videos from Facebook, Dailymotion etc. The application also facilitates you to download audios from SoundCloud type websites. So, it is easy now to get your favourite songs in your device.

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Vidmate v2.0.6

Vidmate is an application that will help you to download videos from various websites easily in just few seconds. The application also gives you an option to choose the resolution of the videos you want in your device. The app is available for free of cost and thus no need to spend on the app. This app is compatible with the android devices only, so no other device will support it.

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Vidmate v2.0.5

Do you want to download this app called Vidmate in your phone? If yes, then you need to read this article because we are going to share about this app in details here. You can simply use the app Vidmate and you can know more about the app in the given article sections we are sharing here. So let us get started with the details.

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Vidmate v2.0.4

Do you want to download one such app that is easy to use and is free of cost? Most of the apps we see these days are paid apps and thus, you might not be able to use it. And even if the app is free, you are going to find many bugs in it. But not every time. The app we are sharing is not any random app where you will find such issues. This app is an android app available for watching videos online. In this app, you can watch the videos online anytime and everytime. The app is big and so as the benefits of it. You will find many features of the app.

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Vidmate v2.0.3

Do you want to know the secret through which you can download any video from any app for free of cost? If you see, you will find many videos in many different social media apps but these videos can not be downloaded in your device directly and if you try doing that, you have to download some software which can lead to some issues or which can get your PC some viruses. And hence, it is not recommended to download such app. But what if we give you a secret of downloading it? To know, you need to download the app called Vidmate. If you haven’t heard it before, this is the app you can download in a click for watching the videos online. It shows you many videos from many different websites. It does not have their own videos and the best part is that you can download these videos from these different sites. You can simply click and install any video of your choice in a click or two. It is easy and can be done within a minute or two. Now let us talk about the features.

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Vidmate v2.0.2

Vidmate is an app through which you can download videos and audios from various websites. You can use it free of cost, therefore, no need to subscribe to the application to use it. Users can also stream the videos in this app from any website and they would not need to subscribe the app.

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Vidmate v2.0.1

Vidmate is an app with which you can download any video in your device. You would have to get this app in your device and it will allow you to stream the videos on it and download if you want. The Vidmate app is a free app, which means you would not have to pay anything for the app. The app lets you select the videos from the categories as it has categorised the videos into different categories. You can stream videos of any genre from this app. The app is available for multiple platforms.

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Vidmate v1.0.9

Are you seraching app to download videos in your device? The Vidmate is the app with which you can download any video easily in your device. Not only this, you would be able to download the audios from soundcloud type websites. All you want is Vidmate app installed in your device. The app is available for android devices only. You wouldn’t need to pay anything for this app. The app is totally available for free of cost. Everytime you start a download it asks for the resolution size.

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Vidmate v1.0.8

Are you looking to download the app Vidmate? If you are, then good and you can go ahead skipping this part. But if you don’t know about the app, please read this. The app is one of the best app for watching videos online. You can watch as many videos as you want in this app and all of these apps will be for free. Now if you think that this app makes their own video, then no. It does not make any video. But it hosts the videos of other sites. So you can find many videos from different apps and genre. You can find all these videos under one roof and you will have an option to watch them online. If you want to watch the video later, then you can even download these videos so that you can watch them offline too. If you want, you also can share the videos from the app itself. The app indeed is a great app for those who wants to watch videos easily. Now let us talk about the features of the app.

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